Monday, July 9, 2007


My shiny new Google account in the New Blogger wouldn't let me post on this blog. I'd say that's why I haven't posted in six weeks, but that would be a cop out. I'm sort of in denial about everything I have to do. I am excited about the conference and definitely looking forward to it, I just hate all the little details of travel, especially with a toddler.

I finally called the Hilton today and canceled our reservation for the night of the 23rd, since we are now leaving on that day. I also emailed the conference registration to try to change my spouse registration to my mother, since she is coming and Erik is not. I also reserved spots on the shuttle from the airport and decided, finally, to bring the car seat. I was trying to get away without it but I think it's worth it to lug it through the airport so we don't have to take public transportation from the airport to the hotel. It didn't sound like it would be easy with all of our luggage.

The last thing I have to do is figure out what to wear. At the last conference I agonized over what to bring but I was three months pregnant and nothing I owned fit me. Somehow, it's not any easier this time. I just don't have very many non-casual clothes. I'll figure out something, though. I'll be skipping any very dressy events though, that is for certain.

Now, back to the important decisions: chocolate! Shelly voted for See's, which I think is a great idea. I need to go to the mall to return something and I can pick up a box while I'm there.

Just nine days until I leave for Chicago! Time flies!

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