Sunday, July 22, 2007

today's sessions

My morning session was Raising Your Spirited Child with Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I hadn't actually registered for this one and was debating getting up to be in a session by 8am at all. I'm so glad I did! I have listened to two of her books (Raising Your Spirited Child and Kids, Parents and Power Struggles) on audiobook but seeing her in person was so rewarding! I learned a lot about my kids, about myself and even about my relationship with my husband. I think I need to go back and listen to her books again and try to put more of it into practice with both of my kids. My favorite thing that she said was: Persistence is the number one predictor of future success. Both of my kids are definitely persistent. I need to find a way to work with it so that they can use it to their advantage in the future.

Next, I attended a session post-partum depression with Kathleen Kendall-Tacket. I knew I wanted to see her speak because I saw her at our Area conference a few years ago, on a totally unrelated topic. She presented studies about how inflammation causes depression. It was very interesting!

The last session was the CE lunch with Linda Smith. She is the one who got me riled up about birth. My last post was more about breastfeeding when I initially composed it in my head but hearing her talk about birth got my adrenaline pumping. Linda Smith is definitely one of my favorite speakers. She's an uppity woman, and I mean that in the best possible way!

Now, I'm heading out for a bit with my mom and Stefan and then I think we're going to get dinner and try to have an early night. We actually leave tomorrow, early evening, so we have to check out in the morning, before I got to a session and then lunch and then, hopefully we can get to the airport smoothly.

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