Saturday, July 21, 2007

mother-baby togetherness

My co-leader has a laptop and paid for a wireless connection so I am posting from our Area gathering.

I attended the CE luncheon with Nils Bergman on Mother-Baby togetherness and kangaroo care. At lot of his points about brain development and the mother being the baby's habitat, providing food, warmth, air, contact and protection were similar to McKenna's discussion of the mother's body being the context for the baby. These two talks were interesting to hear back-to-back. The boiled down slide that he posted that I think sums it up said:

skin-to-skin -> breastfeeding -> attachment -> regulation -> well-being

I had to sneak out early because I had brought Stefan to the beginning of the lunch and then handed him off to my mother around 1:30 and he looked so sad when I left that I wanted to check that he had napped. He hadn't, of course, so he's here at the gathering with me. Hopefully he'll nap after this while I attend my last session of the day.

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