Friday, July 27, 2007

home safe and sound

We're back! We arrived pretty late Monday night. Mom slept over so she wouldn't have to do the long drive to her house after traveling all day. Niels wanted to sleep in my bedroom so she got to sleep in his bed, which is much more comfortable than the foldout couch, I think.

Adjusting back to post-conference life is always a challenge. Those executive level rooms really spoiled me, I think. I miss the maid service and prepared breakfasts, of course, but also the free bottles of water and evening chocolates!

Speaking of chocolates, I never located anyone else in the chocolate exchange and ended up just giving mine away to people who sat near me at sessions. I left the remaining pieces in the Tech Room for the Tech Leaders to enjoy. They worked hard!

A couple of days ago I ordered Raising Your Spirited Child, the accompanying workbook and Sleepless in America, which is on clearance at Amazon, if anyone has been thinking about getting it. They all arrived today. I definitely need to read them all and put them into practice with my spirited boys!

I'm very glad that we went, and that we didn't get sick, like so many others seemed to. I am looking forward to our Area conference in October.

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bflaw said...

Thank you for such a great blog. My family and I also had a wonderful time at the conf. We really appreciated all the hard work that everyone put into it. It was so nice to meet so many wonderful people, even though conversations seemed brief as they were always between sessions, etc.