Monday, July 23, 2007

anatomy of the lactating breast

Peter Hartmann's lecture after the luncheon was amazing. The ultrasounds of nursing babies are incredible to see. When I get home I will check for some links to post. I believe he has some of his videos online.

What I really liked was his visual demo of what it's like to insist that a baby nurse every three hours instead of every one. His lab has determined that each milk ejection reflex brings 35mls of milk to the baby. If a baby is 7kg and an adult is 70 kg, 35ml to a baby is like 355 mls to an adult, or one can of Coke. Now imagine drinking three cans of Coke every three hours rather than drinking one can per hour!

And now, I need to call the car company and make sure that we are getting picked up when I think we are and then we'll head off to the airport and head home!

Last night I was trying to remember how many days we've been here. It's amazing how much information I've absorbed (hopefully!) in the past three days. It seems like such a long time and it's really not all that much. Whew!

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