Wednesday, May 2, 2007

tickets booked

I bought airline tickets a couple of days ago. No turning back now! I was was able to find a direct flight from the airport closer to my house for about $100 less than I was seeing about a month ago. Crazy airline pricing. We're flying in on Thursday and leaving on Monday. I originally reserved the room through the Tuesday. I don't know if I should just cancel it or ask around if anyone needs a room that night. I suppose I should ask the hotel if I can transfer the room for one night.

I signed up for the chocolate swap this time around. I need to find a place to buy a big bag of small Scharffen Berger squares. The more obvious choice would be Ghirardelli but Scharffen Berger is better, in my humble opinion!


Anonymous said...

What in the world is the chocolate swap?? Mmmmm that sounds so up my alley... :)

MacMom said...

Chocolate sounds good to me, too, but I sure don't need those extra calories. ;-)


Shelly said...

Just so you know, chocolate is always welcome in the Tech Room. :)