Monday, May 21, 2007

drawing near and chocolate info

I feel like I am much less worried about this conference. I'm not sure why. I suspect it will be much more challenging to attend sessions with an 18-month-old who still naps with only his Grandmom than it was to attend with a 3-year-old who didn't nap and had his Papa to entertain him. I am glad that we decided that my husband and older son will stay home. If they could go off alone I think it would have been fun for them but having the wee one tag along makes everything much more difficult.

We've eaten out at restaurants twice this week with him. That made me a little anxious about the food situation at the conference. I hope we will be able to find family friendly places to eat. Places where it's already loud and they don't mind too much if he throws all the silverware on the floor. What am I getting myself into??

For Leaders reading this, the information about the chocolate swap is in the wiki for the IConf CN discussion. (Non-Leaders reading this will be totally baffled by that sentence, I assume. The CN is the online and email discussion area that is open only to LLL Leaders.) Shelly, as someone who used to live in this area, any requests? I'll certainly bring some to the Tech Room when I come to post to this blog.


Shelly said...

Would you believe I miss Sees Chocolates? It was our tradition while at the mall to go to Sees, stand in line and get our free sample and then buy 1/2 pound of dark chocolate truffles. Yum!

MacMom said...

Reading about the chocolate exchange makes me want to participate. But I just finshed a chocolate exchange with another group (chocolate once a month for a year!) and have more chocolate than I will eat in a lifetime. :-)